Bella Sweet

With the arrival of our second daughter, Bella Sweet is born; a pineapple of quality, flavor, texture and nutritional benefits for your body. We are the natural option that reaches your homes with freshness and export quality.

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Baby Sweet

Product innovation that has generated an impact on our consumers, a pack that will facilitate the consumption of the best pineapple, a presentation that, due to the size of the fruit and the packaging, is practical to take on walks.

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Costa Rica

We put up the name of our country, we take the sweetness of our pineapple to any part of the world. A pack presentation that shows the colors of our beloved Costa Rica, which reflects the joy and color of our lands.

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Queen Sofía

Queen Sofía, a premium box that stands out at first glance. A lid personalized to the taste of the end consumer, where the elegance and good taste of the internal product will make it stand out from the market.

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